A Place You Can Relax and Enjoy Life

About Kuroishi City

In the Tsugaru dialect, Kuroishi City is known as the “Azumashii no Sato”, meaning cosy village, because of its beauty, relaxed environment, and simplicity.

Kuroishi is a place you can experience kindness and the warmth of a community.

Kuroishi isn’t a bustling, fast paced city where everyone is in a hurry. It’s a city where people can easily nurture friendships.

Kuroishi has been fortunate to preserve its history throughout generations. You can take peeks into some of Japan’s past when you visit places like Kuroishi’s hot spring village and Nakamachi Komise Street.


Kuroishi is the perfect place to get away from the stress of the big city. It’s easy to relax and refresh when you visit Kuroishi, even for a little while.


It can be hard to find true satisfaction in a world where so many things feel impersonal or generic. Kuroishi is a special place that offers a fresh breath of air. Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, it’s a place that has the power to bring joy to the hearts of all who visit.

Hakkoda, one of the world’s best powder snow spots

About 40 minutes from Kuroishi City by car stands Mt. Hakkoda, one of Japan’s top mountains for superb winter sports conditions.

Its heavy snowfall, low humidity, and low temperatures allow the local ski resorts to operate from as early as December all the way until the middle of May.

Mt. Hakkoda stretches over five kilometers, and offers plenty of backcountry trails.

With strong winds and powder snow, this mountain is a haven for winter sports enthusiasts.

a historical street that has been maintained since the Edo period.

Nakamachi Komise Street was built during the Edo period and has withstood the test of time.
The preservation of this street is unmatched nationwide, and in 2005 it was designated as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings by the Japanese government as part of the top 100 historical roads in Japan.
It has protected the people of Kuroishi by blocking the sun during the summer, and by weakening blizzards during the winter.
Today it houses traditional sweet shops, restaurants, sake breweries and a variety of other shops.

Refresh your body and mind in Kuroishi’s Hot Spring Area.

Kuroishi’s hot springs have been in use for hundreds of years, and are used for hot spring therapy (toji).

Kuroishi’s hot springs have a variety of water high quality water sources that are considered to have qualities beneficial for health.

These hot springs are in a quaint part of the city with a great view of beautiful Mt. Iwaki.

Take a dip in one of Kuroishi’s hot springs to refresh and recover Japanese style.

Model Course for You

A short trip to experience authentic Japanese culture awaits you in Kuroishi city, the Tohoku region of Japan.

Hot Spring

For those who enjoy relaxation. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep.

Hakkoda Skiing

This course is for those who need some R&R after shredding the slopes all day


For those who would like to connect with the local community and culture of Kuroishi